Episode 1:
The Cultural Significance of Trees

Why do trees have such such enduring significance in our collective culture? What do they really mean to us? And why do we like them so much?

I talk to an urban planner, a public historian, an instrument maker, and... my mom to find out. Plus, we hear about a single maple tree that birthed an entire ensemble of hand-made instruments and the incredible music that resulted.

“When inquiring minds have perceived them, trees have become metaphors for the structure of human knowledge and for [hu]mankind’s place in the world.”
- Matthew Bevis, Keble College, Oxford University

Conversations with:
Adam Fine - Urban planner
Dr. Martha Norkunas - Professor of public history, Middle Tennessee State University
Otis Tomas - Instrument maker and composer
Donna Mikol - My mom

Transcripts & extended interviews coming soon!

Written, produced, and hosted by Carmel Mikol
Original poetry and music composed by Carmel Mikol (featuring "The Fiddle Tree" by Otis Tomas)

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